Flux Performance strives to create a true riders electric motorcycle. Respecting traditional motorcycles and combining them with the most advanced technology in electric propulsion. We aim to expand the riding experience to new possibilities.

No noise restrictions and heavy maintenance costs create an exceptional level of freedom. With unrelenting focus on quality, we would like the rider to experience passion in driving a motorcycle. Driven by electricity, without any compromise on performance.


Our team is comprised of experienced individuals, each bringing a unique viewpoint from different industries to the table. We cover the main segments of CAD, PCB, battery pack and software design, mechanical and homologation procedures, as well as race team and motorcycle parts design.

Members have worked on NASA and Google awarded aerospace projects and won international motorcycle championships. Now we unite our skills into taking electric motorcycles into a new era.


Development cost and times are drastically reduced with advanced CAD software. Capability to seamlessly connect 3D design, machining, weldment fabrication and plastics is key for fast and efficient projects.

With FEA analysis and topological optimization, parts can be evaluated and optimized even before the first prototype is built. Our CAD and data management experience is vital for a good transition from design to prototypes and production.


From battery pack to PCB design (power supply and command side), our team has many years of experience in using the latest tools. We will bring the project from idea to working product.

Knowledge gained in aeronautics deliver weight and volume saving solutions to the motorcycling world. Combined with software know-how we are able to develop a complete package, tailored to the needs of a true performance motorcycle.


Flux Performance is located in western Slovenija, a connecting hub to neighboring Italy, Austria and Croatia. Surrounded by some of the biggest names in the automotive industry, the Italian Motor valley and several ports.

Being in the proximity of big motorsport companies, the resulting network of suppliers, racing infrastructure and culture, gives us an edge for growth.