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Leading range and power from the advanced high voltage battery pack. Oh, and you can swap it in under a minute.

No replacement for displacement. Go further with the biggest dirtbike battery! And if that isn’t enough, swap it for a fully charged one in under 1 minute. The pack is completely independent, meaning you can charge an extra pack while you ride.

The 450V system offers high power with unprecedented power density at only 34kg, without needing exotic materials. Every component was designed with weight saving in mind, even the circuit boards. Don’t worry though, the structure is built to aerospace standards and completely waterproof!

Each cell has a direct thermal connection to the outside for optimal cooling and the chemistry is specific for high discharges. The result is a pack that can handle going harder and longer than the competition.

The custom ultralight battery management system takes care of it all. The temperature is monitored by 12 probes and each cell’s voltage is under control, you just plug it in and forget about it.


High efficiency, high RPM motor, single speed 2-stage transmission.

85hp of peak electrical power will move you in front of any 450 out there. Instant torque will push anything out of the way. 200Nm on the output shaft, meaning a hefty 750Nm on the wheel. 

High voltage means less current, less current means less heat. Our motor boasts a 95% efficiency and water cooling for the motor and inverter ensures optimal operation in all conditions.

The high revving motor weighs only 7.7kg and uses an advanced 2-stage geared reduction. Inspired from F1, the straight cut gears feature a special tooth profile and dedicated treatment, reducing losses and weight, while enabling correct sprocket position.


The real challenge for dirtbikes isn’t more power, it’s getting the power to the ground.
The Primo features full personalization and a cutting edge vehicle control unit, controlling the ride 100 times per second.
Factory tools at your fingertips!

Limitless personalization from moped power to face bending full power via smartphone connection. With 6 different parameters, you can control not only how much power you have, but where and when you want it. You can also prepare personal maps, to have ready for any riding condition.

Accelerometers, gyros, wheels speeds, vibration, GPS and a powerful processor. The Primo is a technological platform, paving the way for development of algorithms, which will improve lap times, safety, enable special modes and learn riders habits.

Now your dirtbike features theft protection, you can lock it with a PIN code via smartphone.


Our digital clutch lever will help you in those whiskey throttle moments, without worrying about discs, springs, baskets and fade.

Charging the battery on pure electrical braking, giving you a range boost.

To help you out of sticky situations.

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Balanced weight distribution, exceptionally low center of gravity and a light aluminum frame.

Our unique cell placement brings the center of gravity very low, making the bike as agile as a 2-stroke and minimizing load transfer on braking and accelerating.

Lightweight aluminum frame with familiar ergonomics to get you comfy in a matter of seconds. The battery is protected from frontal impact by the lower cradle.


KYB 48mm front suspension with custom settings for maximum plush & familiarity.


Premium Öhlins TTX shock with twin tube technology, acting fast on small bumps, but sustained on big impacts, offering unparalleled traction & stability.

CEO - Marko Ukota

“In my 15 years of racing, I’ve experienced first hand the frustration of tracks shutting down and high costs of maintenance.

 I believe electric propulsion can drastically expand motorcycling to people and places never before possible, while offering a world of new digital possibilities to push performance.

This is why Flux Performance was founded. I’m extremely excited to develop this new era with my brilliant teammates.

The Primo is our proof of concept, it’s what we can do in a garage. This is just the beginning.” 




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