Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, anytime, no asterisk or fine print. We’re keeping it separate and not using it for anything before you get your bike. Even if the company shuts down, you will get your money back.
The refund is only subject to PayPal and Stripe fees (around 3%)!

You’re supporting our efforts in bringing these bikes to market and you get in line to be among the first customers to receive it. 
To show our gratitude we give early supporters a discounted price fix of 12.000€.

Initially we will organize them across Europe in locations where we received the most signups.

Not at first, but we’re working to make that happen as soon as possible. Unfortunately we can’t ship the prototype overseas without expensive certification.
By signing up you allow us to plan for the countries and locations with most interest.

We will randomly select riders of different skill levels, to get the widest opinions possible. Riders who pre-ordered will have an advantage.

No, the Primo is the first prototype, a test bed for technology and solutions.

The production model will be build from the ground up relying on Primo’s data and experience, to ensure we’re solving the problems you care about the most.

We have a target price of 13.000€, subject to change in the future, but anyone placing the early preorder has the discounted price guarantee of 12.000€

The electric vehicle market is full of ridiculous range claims that don’t come anywhere close to reality. We respect you as a customer and don’t want to do that. We will get real power consumption data by testing with you. That way, when we release our production motorcycle, you know the ranges are based on real user experience, not marketing hype.

We’re targeting global sales.
The Primo is a first prototype, a development tool, not yet a production motorcycle. We plan to release the production motorcycle in 2024, with deliveries to customers starting in 2025.

The production motorcycle will be built from the ground up by a wide team of experienced engineers. No retrofits or patchwork – every part built for the purpose of being the best electric dirtbike out there. 

The Primo will be a test bed and technological platform. With it we will develop the electronics and try different solutions – digital and physical. 

We will get feedback from testing with you and integrate that in the development of the production motorcycle.

We will also get data – power profiles and sensor outputs. With that we can design a better powertrain and use AI to process the data of different riders and conditions.

All with a single goal in mind: produce the best motorcycle.

Our goal is to build the next electric motorcycle giant, with a focus on delivering performance motorcycles that are just plain better than the gas powered competition. We’ll start that journey by building the best electric motocross, enduro and supermoto bikes in the world. 

Absolutely, talking to users is our big priority. We want you to help us make the perfect bike for your needs.